Tuesday, May 27, 2008


...on many things but not the sewing room. I think I'm having a similar problem that Jen is having with packing up... I can't seem to unpack. Most of the time I sit here and stare at my shelves that need to be filled with books that are in the boxes right at my feet.

Last week I was talking to my Mother and she said she needed a grandbaby fix. My parents came up Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening Mom helped me organize some fabric. It was sooooo nice to see an area "clean". Sunday, Hubby wanted to work on the garage because since we've moved in he hasn't been able to get his truck into the garage. Little girl played very well in the driveway on the misc things we pulled out. Her favorite "toy" was my old couch from college. It's one of those foam couches that folds out to a mattress. The couch has since moved to her room with a new slipcover. In fact, she now wants to sleep on the couch rather than her new bed! Novelty hopefully will wear off soon. Along with the couch, many other boxes were moved into the house... my sewing room now has several more boxes to open... OMG. I just need another eye to pull me out of this mess that sees what I don't. The good news is now we can get Hubby's truck in the garage, with an inch to spare in the front and back! He removed the inside handles off of the garage door because it was too close for comfort.

In my last post I showed you my EQ rendering of the attic window project. Saturday was the class with Peg Bingham. So glad I took that class. She made a great change to my color selection...

This coming weekend will be a "sewcial" with one of the guilds so I hope to get this top completed.

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