Thursday, May 8, 2008


I know that I say that I'm a quilter but if you look at my blog, it really doesn't look like it. Since we've moved into our home in October, I've been trying to get myself motivated and get my sewing room together. Recently my friend Quilt Bug has been doing 10 minutes of quilting a day. Working along with that idea, I've taken upon myself to do 10 minutes of working on my sewing room a day. It's coming along well. My file cabinets are about 3/4 organized. There are now 2 new wall shelves up and occupied. I drew out plans for cabinets and a built-in L-shaped table. Even went to Lowe's and priced out everything that I would need in hopes of using the stimulus check (or at least my half) on the "remodel".

Last night my hopes were quickly dashed when I asked Hubby what he had in mind to do with the check. He quickly reminded me that we had a slow leak between our bathrooms that is in need of repair. Unfortunately, I don't think this check will cover all of the costs. :( Let's jump back to when we bought the house. The home inspector mentioned that there might be a leak but since the home was a flip and was vacant for a year prior, he couldn't find any immediate problem. So from the laundry room, which is under the two bathrooms, we've been watching a couple areas. From time to time there will be a wet spot on the floor but couldn't find a wet pipe to blame. About a month ago, after taking a shower, I went to change a load of laundry. While there, it happended... a stream of water came pouring out of the floor board above my head, not a pipe. That means that it's in the walls. UGH! Normally we would have a few extra scheckles to pay for something like this but we recently had all the windows (all but 3 were original to the house with no screens) and the interior garage door (no seal at all, 1/2" gap) replaced. If you noticed all the repair work on this "flip" house that we bought, you will also notice that we are learning that this flip was purely cosmetic. Well, they did replace the furnace and hot water tank....

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jillquilts said...

OH man! A flip that could be a flop! Well, I hope that the damage between the bathrooms isn't a HUGE issue! Keep us posted! How is the sewing room coming along?