Friday, June 27, 2008

More food allergies

Well, it's official, no nuts period. About a month ago was my Mother-in-law's birthday. Her brother had given her a German chocolate cake, you know, with the coconut frosting. We had a suspicion, that Little Girl might have some sort of break out with the coconut but we weren't sure. We kept her away but I still ate some. After I was finished, I scrubbed my hands and brushed my teeth (we were at our house). While I was cleaning up, my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law were packing up to leave and gave kisses all over my daughter's face. About 10 minutes go by and she's covered in welts. We gave her Benedryl and wiped her down.

A couple weeks later we had a check-up at the allergiest and I mentioned this reaction to coconut. Her doctor decided to test her for coconut, along with almond, cashew, pistachio, pecan, pine nut, walnut, and three that we knew she was allergic to - peanut, egg, and milk. We received the results the other day.... positive/high to all but pecan, pine nut, and milk. Coconut was low but still enough to be aware.

Wait, a zero to MILK?! We were so excited! I called the doctor's office to verify... It's true! The did warn us to start off small and see if she has any flare-ups. Keep your fingers crossed for us! It will be so nice not to have to buy soy milk, it's twice the cost of regular milk. Plus, she will only drink water or milk, she hates juice. I've only seen her drink juice once and that was because she was real thirsty and that's what was available (we were at church). We can get her chicken nuggets! Did you know that chicken nuggets at fast food places have milk? We didn't at first. For a while there, we weren't allowed to give her beef so fast food was out of the picture until recently. Now she loves hamburgers. Can you tell I'm giddy? I'm rambling more than the normal ramble. :)

This makes me wonder... she was the same range for squash as milk. After I test milk for a while, I think I'm going to test squash again. You don't realize how many different foods are in the squash family... zucchini, cucumber, melons, pickles... WISH ME LUCK!

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Zegi said...

Hurray for milk!!! That's great that you don't have to avoid it anymore. Bummer about all of the nuts, though.