Friday, February 15, 2008

Quilty excitement!

Monday night was one of the monthly quilt groups I attend. While at the meeting, they passed out brochures of the Sewing and Quilting Expo that is coming to Cleveland the end of next month. I had looked in the past at some classes but decided it just wasn't the right time. This year I saw that they had a beginner machine quilting class. That is something I really need. I'm very comfortable with my piecing abilities to get the tops made but to quilt them has normally been "stitch-in-the-ditch". I've been wanting to take a class like this for soooooo long. The time has finally come! On Tuesday morning I was so excited that I just signed up for the class, along with a binding class. Later I emailed Quilt Bug to let her know I just went ahead and signed up, come to find out she was going to sign up for the same classes! Yeah!

I've been watching my email for conformation, afraid of the email going into the junk/spam folder. Nothing. Quilt Bug asked me if I had heard anything. Nope, nada, nothing. Being of paranoid mind, I call the 800 number. We made it into the classes! Whoohoo!! The lady was so nice to let me check to see if Quilt Bug made it too. We were concerned that because this event is so big and the spaces were limited, we might not get in to the classes. I'm soooo excited!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Just a quick note to wish my parents a Happy 39th Anniversary!!

Love you both!