Monday, March 16, 2009


I want to know how single parents can keep it together. My husband travels for his job about 20-25 weeks of the year... yeah, that's a lot. Most of his travels follow the school year because his job has him traveling to colleges and universities. So, needless to say, spring and fall are very busy times of the year. That's also the time I find myself more depressed. I find myself shutting down and doing the bare essentials to keep my daughter and myself going. Feed, bathing, clothing, and sleeping. Work is in there too. This also exaggerates the fact that I can't create a lunch menu and grocery list. My biggest struggle is what to feed that satisfies everyone in the home. My daughter will pretty much eat what I eat (which I can follow along with her food allergies); my husband, on the other hand, is more picky. So, what do we do? Go out to eat... Ugh! I've fallen into such a rut! One of my biggest problems is that I need someone to physically show me, go through my cabinets, help me with my list and coupons and get it all done! So, anyone that knows who I can contact to help me out with such a thing, please let me know. I think once I get that portion of my life figured out, I will be much more stable and personally successful.

I look back and want to blame my mother for this but yet, I can't blame her because she's a wonderful mother. She does everything for us. And, because of this, I never "learned". I want to know, I want to be self sufficient. I want to have a clean home. I want to have meals planned. I want to not eat out. I want to save money (which if eat at home, we'd save a lot of money).

Thanks for "listening" to me ramble. Some day I'll get it figured out. Hopefully it will be soon.


Zegi said...

I'm sorry you are feeling run down. It is hard to do it all yourself. I follow a couple different blogs for learning stuff like coupons and pantry-filling...I think I have some ebooks on the topic even...I'll have to check and send them on. I know what you mean though about wanting someone to just show you already. Online you can find it but you also have to sift through to find the nuggets that make sense for you. :(

Maggie said...

I have no idea either. My husband jokes that when I'm left alone all I will eat is a cracker with flint on it due to .... laziness? I don't know. Spring is coming and its a great depression breaker. And, try not to be too hard on yourself, I think our lives are jammed packed with so much info coming at all all the time not to mention more "stuff" in our homes than our parents and grandparents had. So, we have so much to process and organize... take it easy..get away for the weekend, I hear that April 3-5th is a good time for women seeking therapy to run away from their homes. !!

Serena said...

Feel free to contact me. I don't know that I can physically come into your home but since my daughter was born I too struggled with juggling everything. I started menu planning which helps....ALOT. A wonderful place to start is with the cookbook Cheap Fast Good. Also ease up. You won't get everything done everyday. Think about how wonderful the time you spend with your daughter is in and of itself. You'll never have that day with her being that exact age back again. Enjoy living