Monday, February 23, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted. Things are doing better since the test results. We've decided to name our angel boy T.J. (Thomas James). That's helped my heart a little more. We're still trying for another baby so keep your fingers crossed.

Lately I've been enthralled with Facebook. It's a great way to get reconnected with people. At my 15 year high school reunion this past summer, we all talked about staying connected and someone mentioned Facebook. It really is addictive. I've also become "friends" with Annie and Kirsten Smith from "Simple Arts" podcasts, Jennifer Ruvalcaba (Patchwork and Pacifiers podcast), and Pat Sloan (lovely appliques). I think I just saw Alex Anderson so I might try to "friend" her too! :) There are quite a few quilting groups on there.

Onto quilty things! I recently finished up a block swap with one of my quilt guilds. We did a fake 9 patch, where only the center was a different color. We did brights with a black center. These all turned out very sharp! I can't wait to put them together.

This weekend I'm taking a workshop on the Lone Star. We bought a kit that included interfacing with the design imprinted and you sew and iron your pattern together that way. Here's what I drafted in my EQ6. My fabrics are a little different so I think the order might change. We'll see. I'll have a picture (I hope) to post next week.

At the beginning of April I'm going on my first quilt retreat. I'm very exited! I have a large bin of quilts that I have WIP that I'm going to take with me. Hopefully I will make some progress on them. It will be fun too, we're going to have a Secret Sister game going, as well as a massage therapist (a husband of one of the other quilters). It will be nice to get away with my quilty friends.

I've been holding off on one of my projects because I think I got myself in a little too deep. It's a really nice wall hanging/table runner of sea shells and the like. I bought it as a thank you for the owners of the company where I work, but it was over a year ago. It's mostly applique and I've never done applique before, but love the look of it. One of my goals this year is to take an applique class. I need to get this one done!

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Zegi said...

I'm glad that naming Thomas has given your heart some healing. Have fun at the workshop this weekend!!