Tuesday, April 1, 2008

15 Year High School Reunion

Yesterday I received an email from someone in my high school class announcing the planning of the 15 year reunion. I can't believe it's been 15 years already. Years have gone by and I know that I have matured. One can only hope that others have matured as well. Looking back at our 10 year, one guy started out like he had changed but ended up being the same old obnoxious "kid". I felt sorry for his wife as she looked mortified at his actions. It was amazing to me how much some people changed and on the flip-side, how some didn't at all. I tried to keep in touch with a few but it seemed to dwindle after a short time. It's hard to remember some of these people. I wasn't one of the "popular" crowd. My family had moved to the area when I was a sophomore, so I only spent a few short years with this class. I remember when we were practicing for the annual "Powder Puff" game my senior year, I felt as if I was being left out and walked away. A little while later, one of my friends came by and told me people were asking her where the "cute little girl with glasses" went. I'd been in that class for 3 years of about 150 kids and they didn't even know my name. I wasn't unpopular, I had plenty of friends that were "lifers" in the school and very active. I'm interested in seeing how many of my circle/extended circle of friends will show up as compared to the popular crowd that was listed in the email (I was on the email because my mom works with one of the popular girl's dad).

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