Thursday, October 23, 2008


Excitement!!! I'm such the pushy mother. :) I know that Little Girl will be 3 in January but as any normal mother would say "she's just so smart and picks things up quickly". So, yesterday I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought some of those lacing cards (you know, the ones with the holes that you sew string through). It says 3+ years on the box. You know as well as I do, nobody listens to that? She's almost 3 anyway, big deal, buy it. I bought the Disney Princesses one and the Winnie the Pooh set too. Gotta love branding... So I took it home, sat down with her and showed her what to do... She did it! She loved it! She was so focused, it was fun to watch her little mind at work. She finished up her first one and asked for another.... I'm in heaven! Now I just have to wait till she's old enough for me to trust with a real needle.

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Zegi said...

Woohoo! And when can she join the guild? ;)