Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Quilt for the Co-Worker

One of the girls at work has decided to stay home with her children during a difficult time. Her son will be going through a year (at least) long process of surgeries to repair his nose that was removed by a dog bite about a year ago (he was two years old). I am very sad to see her go. She has been a great support to our group of 5. She has great stories and is a good confidant. We have been planning for her departure for over a month and this Friday will be her last day.

I decided to take it upon myself to make her a signature quilt. I sent an email to all of the employees asking for signatures to quilt pieces. Out of about 105 employees, I received 50+ signatures. Only 3 offered to donate $, which I declined and referred them to the website that she posts updates on her son. The company didn't offer to cover costs, which I didn't expect. I am doing this all out of my own pocket. I wanted it to be a good quality quilt so I bought good quality materials totalling almost $100 for a little larger than a lap size quilt (large so she can cuddle underneath with both her boys).

My husband travels from time to time for his job. This is the first quilt project I've done since having the baby and it's really difficult to snag time. My goal was to have it done for today because we were all going out to lunch for a nice meal. Unfortunately, the quilt wasn't done. I am far enough along that I will have it done by Friday.

My whole point to this blog is to scream at how stupid people are. One of the ladies, who is not in our team of 5 but another group like ours, just emailed me. Her email...

Did you give her the quilt??
Where is it? Don’t we get to see it, since it is really from the whole company?

Is it really from the whole company? When the only thing you did was sign your name? You did not do one single stitch, select the material, offer one cent?

I originally thought it to be from the company... until I received her email. I guess it's the way her email comes across "since it is really from the whole company". It also has to do with the person that sent the email. Yeah, I don't know how to explain her but she just has a way of stricking a nerve. It's going to take me a little while to get over this comment. Just very ... not understanding to how much work I put into this?? I don't know... UGH IT. JUST. PISSES. ME. OFF!!!

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