Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Factor V Leiden

Okay, I was recently diagnosed with Factor V Leiden (hetero) and MTHFR (hetero). In reading material out there, I feel as if I am a walking time bomb. I've posted questions but nobody wants to answer me. I'm scared! Reading what some people have to do to monitor themselves makes my anxiety level rise. I don't want to have to worry about that. I just want to live my life like it was before I knew I had this. I am afraid of having a clot. Apparently a pulmonary embolism, DVT, and stroke are common. My mom had a clot after she had me but she was never tested. She was given blood thinners until the clot was gone. I'm sure didn't think twice that it could be caused by something like this. I told her and the rest of my family that they need to get tested. I don't think they believe that it's as serious as it really is. My dad's mom had a stroke when I was a child. Who knows if this was one of the underlying causes.

Feelings right now:
Hope that someone will help
Hope that my loved ones will listen

I have a wonderful husband and beautiful daughter that I want to spend many, many, many more years with. I will find an answer... and it won't kill me.

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danielle @ take heart said...

hi! i know i am commenting five years later… but i just tested positive for factor v, i have had two wonderful healthy pregnancies and am trying to conceive again. no problems bleeding ever in my life..was wondering how everything was for you and if you could share some information. i am having trouble finding information on the internet.