Monday, February 27, 2006


Who knew that this beautiful little bundle could soak up all the time in the day? I am awake by 7:30 am and dog tired by 7:30 pm. Her feeding schedule is 1, 4, 7, and 10 am and pm (I take the 1 and 4 am feedings). Cleaning bottles and changing diapers. Trying to figure out what her crying is about. How do you interact with at 6 week old that was premature? What am I supposed to be doing with her? Today she woke up at 3 pm very fussy and oh so gassy. I got her calmed down by putting her in the Snugglie and walking around. She ate at 4. After her bottle, I held her in a sitting position on my lap till DH came home and we decided on what to make for dinner. By that time she had been up for 3 hours total. If I didn't have her in my lap, she would fuss. She just wanted to look around. What do you do for 3 hours? Make funny noises. Talk to her. Sing to her. It's amazing how time flies and you feel like you've accomplished nothing that you wanted to do in the day but loved every minute of what you did do... play with your daughter.

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